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Picking the right DJ

When selecting a DJ for your event, a common (and likely most important) question is, how much do you charge? So many times this single factor will determine who you decide to hire for your party. A better question to ask is; what value will I be receiving from this DJ?

You will want to know how long has this person/group been a DJ? What kind of parties/events do they specialize in? Have I seen or heard this person play before? What are other clients saying about them? What is their philosophy on your type of event? Ultimately, why should I hire you?
I believe that once you can answer these questions, you will know what kind of value you will want to expect and can help you set your budget accordingly.

To get a better feel about who you are hiring, you may want to meet in person or at the very least set up a phone interview. Have your questions ready and see how you interact together. The success of your event can very well be determined by who you decide to hire as your DJ. If you don't have chemistry in your meeting, chances are you may have a hard time working together the day of your party.
My goal is to help equip you with you with the information you need to hire the right DJ. At the end of the day it is your choice. These are just a few suggestions to think about and hopefully help you make an educated decision in your DJ selection.

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