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Biography - Ken "DJ K-Lau" Lau

Ken "DJ K-Lau" completes the trio of founding members of Aim 2 Pleez. Ken pursued his love of music and also became a DJ in the late 80s. His understanding of music and how to play to the masses slates him among the best of his peers.

As a group member, he serves as one of our music gurus. He is constantly researching new music and keeping an updated library of all musical genres. This comes in handy as he knows which songs are best for a Wedding, to a Quincinera, and almost anything you can think of.

Along with a extensive history of playing parties, formals, weddings, and birthdays, DJ K-Lau's experience includes recurring guest spots at Bay Area radio station Wild 94.9.

It's easy to see why he is requested at many events across the bay. He has a consistent ability to read different crowds and skill set to deliver exactly what they need.

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