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Biography - Mike Lee

Mike Lee is the young gun of Aim 2 Pleez. He started out by just helping out and carrying equipment for gigs. Next thing we knew, he was out doing his own parties. Mentored by John "DJ MK2" Lau, Mike has truly grown into his own as a DJ. It's not surprising since he learned from one of the best.

He exemplifies everything a professional DJ should be. He's great on the turntables. He is second in command when it comes to doing our technical set ups. He is kind and courteous when dealing with clients. Need I say more?

Mike has been "in the mix" since the late 1990s, but don't let his young look fool you. He's a master at his craft and continues to show why every time he's in front of a crowd. He specializes in doing High School events and chances are your kids have heard him at their school.

Find out what the new blood of Aim 2 Pleez has to bring and hire him for your next event. You surely will be "Pleezed".

You reach him via e-mail:

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