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Biography - John "DJ MK2" Lau

John "DJ MK2" Lau is one of the founding members of Aim 2 Pleez. In all actuality he is the core member who helps us keep the lights on, literally. Along with his DJ duties, he takes on the role of our resident technical sound and lighting advisor, event consultant, and brains behind our elaborate set ups.

His DJ experience started back in the 80s and has just taken off ever since. From award winning DJ competition set ups to being the cornerstone DJ on the Bay Area radio airwaves DJ MK2 is considered one of the elite in his field.

Clients and fans alike make note of his professionalism, music knowledge, and over all delivery. As a DJ, his mixes are flawless. His combination of "beat matching", "trick mixing" and "scratching" make him one of the must see attractions of any event. As a consultant, he ensures you get what you want down to the smallest details.

MK2 is always pushing the envelope in his development as a DJ. He is one of the first in the industry to offer Video Mixing along with an intricate intelligent lighting show. He seems to have a knack at making the difficult look easy. The benefit for you is you get is the polished product and a great event.

Let "DJ MK2" be the DJ for your next event!

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